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Broward Workshop's Executive Committee is the leadership body of the organization. Executive Committee Officers set the Workshop's vision and goals for the calendar year. Committee Co-Chairs are voting members of the Executive Committee.

2018-2019 Broward Workshop Leadership

     Chair - Keith Koenig
     Vice-Chair - Peggy Nordeen
     Secretary - Mike Weymuth
     Treasurer - Juliet Roulhac

Past Chairs:
James Donnelly
    Charles Caulkins
    Charles L. Palmer
    George Morgan, Jr.
    James A.Cummings
    Alan J. Levy
    Ralph A.Marrinson
    Frank Scruggs
    Walter Banks
    Dick Wessel 

   Kareen Boutros, Executive Director
   Gaynel Smith, Administrative Coordinator
   Martha Bevil, Office Manager