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The Broward Workshop members foster cooperation between the private and public sectors as well as all socio-economic and political lines. Through their committees, members seek alliances to make a difference in the key areas that are important to all of our residents and businesses.

Standing Committees

  • Business Advocacy

    Business Advocacy

    Dennis Smith Joe Goldstein New River Crossing/Commuter Rail Sub-Committee

    George Platt, Randall Vitale

    Healthcare Sub-Committee

    Joe Goldstein, Shane Strum
  • Community Resilience

    Community Resilience

    Rick Derrer Rob Kornahrens Peter Moore
  • Cultural Affairs

    Cultural Affairs

    Jarett Levan Kelley Shanley Aurelio Fernandez
  • Education


    Jeff Watts Marcell Haywood Bob Birdsong
  • Racial Equity & Social Justice

    Racial Equity & Social Justice

    Arlene Pecora Shaun Davis Tom Shea
  • Technology


    Richard Berkowitz Christopher Leonard Greg Nordone
  • Tourism


    Ina Lee Tim Petrillo Andreas Ioannou
  • Transportation


    George Platt Randall Vitale New River Crossing/Commuter Rail Sub-Committee

    George Platt, Randall Vitale
  • Urban Core

    Urban Core

    Mike Weymouth Bill Rotella Russ Klenet Affordable Housing Sub-Committee

    Walter Duke
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Corporate Committees

  • Corporate Governance

    Matt Katz Gary Rosen
  • Finance

    Shaun Davis
  • Marketing

    Kathy Koch Gary Press Mark McCormick
  • Membership

    Colin Brown Steve Hudson Anita Byer
  • Nominating

    Colin Brown
  • Program

    Melanie Dickinson Peggy Nordeen George LeMieux
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