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Working Together to Make a Difference in Broward County

The Broward Workshop is a private, non-profit, non-partisan business organization comprised of the chief decision makers representing 100 of Broward County's business and professions seeking to facilitate solutions to our most critical issues.

The Broward Workshop membership reaches out to foster cooperation between the private and public sectors as well as all socio-economic and political lines. They seek alliances to make a difference in the key areas that are important to all of our residents and businesses.

Our members are diverse. They are a cross-section of leaders who span the four corners of the county and bring varied backgrounds, political affiliations, and points of view. They seek to represent the voice of all of our residents. Our members are small business owners, Presidents of mid-sized companies, leaders of the community and some represent the largest employers in the county. Each member brings with her or him a passion for making a positive impact and building a better tomorrow for Broward.

Our members are dedicated. Their vision is broad. They are role models who lead companies, give to charitable causes and individually make a difference. Collectively, they come together to donate their time and energy united by a single belief - by building a stronger Broward; we build a brighter future for everyone.

Broward Workshop History

In 1980, eighteen concerned business leaders sought to address the challenges facing Broward County. They sponsored a working retreat in Vero Beach where diverse representatives were invited from the business, government, labor and civic sectors to come together to openly discuss the issues at hand and offer viable, long-lasting, positive solutions.

Through hours of discussion and debates over the course of the retreat, fresh ideas and solutions emerged to create new opportunities to build a stronger and more secure future for Broward County. Out of that meeting, The Broward Workshop was formed.

Decades later, the nomination-only membership has grown to include 100 of the areas key decision makers, business people and community leaders. Our members generously give of their time to address critical issues and build a brighter, more secure and sustainable future for Broward County.

In addition to The Broward Workshop, our members are highly involved in the community through many other organizations. They help coordinate the county's response to meet the challenges of this century and beyond.

Our Mission

Broward Workshop is a private, non-profit, non-partisan business organization established in 1981 consisting of the chief decision makers representing 100 of Broward County's major businesses and professions.

Through the Workshop, business leaders seek to facilitate positive solutions to Broward County's critical issues and to serve as a catalyst to encourage the cooperative effort between various entities working for countywide, specific, long-range common goals.

Membership Profile

The members of the Broward Workshop are a group of diverse leaders from across the county who are willing to devote their valuable time, energy and resources to creating a brighter tomorrow for Broward.

Our members come from all four corners of Broward bringing with them varied backgrounds, fields of expertise, experiences and political affiliations. They are entrepreneurs, executive officers or senior partners of major corporations and professional organizations who give back to make a difference.

Membership is individual, not corporate, and is by invitation to individuals who have already demonstrated a dedication to the community. The Broward Workshop requires a commitment of personal time, effort and commitment far beyond the membership dues.